RF Profiler User Guide


RF Settings

These settings are optional in relation to calculating the terrain data and fresnel zone. If values are entered, the Receive Level and and Fade Margins are calculated for the Local and Remote sites. Values are:

    Transmit Power (Tx): dBm

    Cable Loss: dB (enter as positive value)

    Antenna Gain: dBi

    Radio Sensitivity: dBm (entry will be converted to negative)

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Values calculated for all settings:

    Distance: km or miles

    Path Loss: dB (Free Space Loss)

    Local Azimuth: Degrees in True North

    Remote Azimuth: Degrees in True North

Values calculated if RF Settings are entered

    Local Receive Level (Rx): dB

    Local Fade Margin: dB

    Remote Receive Level (Rx): dB

    Remote Fade Margin: dB