RF Profiler User Guide


Adjusting Radio Frequency

Required for Fresnel Zone and link loss calculations. Enter frequency as MHz. e.g. Enter 5.65GHz as 56500MHz.

100% and 60% Fresnel Zone

The fresnel zone is a pattern of electromagnetic radiation that is created by a transmitting station from its antenna to receiving antennas, commonly described as an elongated football shape. The size of zone is dependent on frequency and distance. Obstructions within the fresnel zone will impede the radio transmission. Typically, a minimum acceptable link will have at least 60% of the primary fresnel zone clear of obstructions. You can also display the entire primary fresnel zone (100%).

Measurement Setting

Click to change the distance values as Metric or Imperial Measurement.

Dec/Deg or Deg/Min/Sec Setting

Click to change the Lat/Long coordinate display to Decimal/Degrees or Degrees/Minutes/Seconds .

Adding Site Notes

Enter notes for the link.