RF Profiler User Guide


Getting Starting With Links

In order to start your fist path profile, there are a number of steps that need to be completed.

  1. 1.In Landscape mode, click the + button at the top of the navigation window. In portrait mode, click the Master button first to open the navigation window. Click on the newly created link to start editing.

  2. 2.Enter a Group and a Title Description. The Group field can be used as a searchable subcategory for your links. e.g. “Downtown Links” 

  3. 3.Manually enter the coordinates, use the blue Locate button, or use the Sites Button to add the coordinates for the Local and Remote sites.

        - Manual - you can enter decimal/degrees (e.g. 43.20972) or

          Deg/Min/Sec (e.g. 43 12 35N).    

          Use Dec/Deg or Deg/Min/Sec button to change entry type.

        -     Click the red pin to place a pin on the map. You can then enter a

          search location in the search bar or drag the pin to your desired


        -       Click the green check to accept your location

  1. 4. Enter antenna heights from ground level.

  2. 5. Enter Link Frequency in MHz

  3. 6. Select a Data Point Accuracy to start of 100m (328ft). See Data Point Accuracy for more information.

  4. 7. Click Update Button at top right.

  5. 8. Thats it. Now you can view the map and start working with the fresnel zone.   Enjoy!